Perfect For A Beginner


  • Price: $650
  • Type: Console
  • Make: Chickering & Sons
  • Color: Walnut
  • Year: 1970

Are you looking for a "Good Used Piano"???  Most families just starting out don't want to spend very much on a piano.  The reason is that, as parents, we fear our kids wont' stick with it.  If this sounds like you, look no further.  This Chickering is a great instrument to take your kids through the first 1-3 years of lessons(depending on their teacher).  It's what we call a great "starter" piano.....and it's under $1,000!!!!  When(not "if") your kids stick with it, you are always able to "upgrade when the time is right" on something that will better compliment you/your childs playing ability.  We always hear "I'm going to get my children into piano someday".........why wait?  Make the choice to take "someday" and make it "today"!!!!