The Price Is Right Grand Piano!!!!


  • Price: $3,345
  • Type: Grand Piano
  • Make: Sohmer & Co.
  • Color: Light Walnut
  • Year: 1964

"I've always wanted a grand piano"....We hear this often as people arrive at our Gallery and see the incredible selection of Grand Pianos on our showroom floor.  Although most customers love the "Classic" look of a polished or satin ebony piano, we are finding more and more people asking if we ever have any "wood grain" pianos come in on trade.  We are happy to announce that this grand piano in light walnut has arrived!!!  It's length(from the front of the keys to the tail of the piano) is just shy of 6 feet so you may have a concern as to how much space you need.  Let us at Schoppert's help put your mind at ease.  If you are in the Sioux Falls area, Jay is more than happy to visit your home(at no charge) and assess the room in which you are thinking of putting a grand piano.  He's no interior designer but he does have vast knowledge of how the acoustics of a piano will react depending on where it is placed.  He will also bring out a Grand Piano Template which folds out and gives you a great visual on how the piano will look in your home.  The term "Go Big or Go Home" doesn't apply when purchasing the perfect piano for your home because each space is different.  Many times, the "Bigger" more "Costly" piano isn't always the best choice.  It varies depending on where you're going to put it.  Call Jay today at (763)486-8911, schedule a 1-2-1, and learn more about him and Schoppert's Piano Gallery!!! (To answer your question:  Yes, that is his cell phone!!!)  He wants to be accessible to his customers whenever they need him.  The only time he doesn't answer is when he is spending time with his son Braeden, or when he's in church Sunday mornings leading his Praise Team out in Brandon!!!